Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hulk heads for divorce court...4Real?

In November of last year, Linda Bollea, Mrs. Hulk Hogan, filed for divorce. When asked about this, the Hulkster was "shocked." The couple had been together for 24 years and have two children. There had been rumors that they had been separated for a while but just stayed together for the sake of their surprisingly popular reality show.

But oddly enough, Linda filed for divorce just weeks after their son, Nick, was arrested for critically injuring a friend while street racing and being a jackass. Coincidence?

Since the arrest, there has been speculation about what the Hogan family (no relation to the awesome sitcom) will have to pay the victim and his family. With a civil suit officially filed, the family could, and should, pay some major cash.

If Linda and Hulk, nee Terry, divorced it would cut their assets in half and, thus, less would have to be paid out. The lawyer for the Graziano family has already had this thought.

It will be interesting to see the final outcome of both the marriage and the civil suit. And if their respective "careers" can take the PR heat.

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