Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Gladiators vs. Guts

Maybe I never noticed because I happen to be the target audience for Guts. Maybe I didn't want to see the similarities because it was slightly more realistic that I would be able to climb the Aggro Crag than beat the Eliminator. But I just never realized that Guts was the poor man's AG.

As a kid, I thought Guts was awesome. You swam in a pool and wore an amazing uniform. But you weren't showing off an physical abilities. You were tied to a safety harness the whole time and barely had to do any work. Please. I want to see real athleticism.

I'm not letting Guts off the hook just because it was for kids. It's tag line was "Guts: Do ya have it?" No, Guts, you did not.

And don't get me started on the hosts. Can Mike O'Malley and Mo even compare to Laila Ali and The Hulk? Don't make me answer that.

It doesn't matter anymore. My eyes are wide open. I have seen the light and it is blinding off of Titan's muscles.


harrison grrgeron said...

mike o'malley and mo have far more guts than the hulk ever will.

Drew said...

I always liked Mike O'Malley because he was great at talking to little kids and making them not sound like assholes. Unlike that supreme dickbag Kurt Fogg over at Legends of the Hidden Temple who was even more awkward than 13 pubescent kids.

sarah said...

I am hurt and offended by this blog entry. You have been my sister for 26 years, and yet I barely know you!