Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hang Tough: Only the Strong Survive

Hang Tough is one of the events that made the transition from the original show to the 2008 reincarnation. It's also, in my opinion, one of the toughest, and most exciting, events in the entire arena.

Basic premise: The contender tries to swing across a pool using a series of rings. BUT look out because a Gladiator can will try to take you down.

If the contender doesn't get a good start then the game is pretty much over. Sure, you may gain some points for hangin' tough for the whole 60 seconds, but you aren't going to make it across the pool. Once a Gladiator gets within two rings, you're done.

Rarely is a contender able to get out of the clutches of a Wolf or a Crush. (And let's be honest...why would you want to?) I always feel the Gladiators humanity when they decide to just block a contender from reaching the platform rather than wrapping their legs, or entire body, around contenders. It's like they are thinking, "I could kill you now. But no. I can wait until later." Beneath the tough exterior, Gladiators have a heart.

So, for those contenders who are able to get the 5 points or, by the grace of God, actually win Hang Tough, I commend you. Good luck in the Eliminator and the arm bike!

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sarah said...

Not to make you jealous but Libby's high school basketball coach was a contestant on American Gladiator version 1.0. And, I met her, so pretty much I have been on American Gladiators and I imagine I was awesome.