Friday, March 21, 2008


The Littlest Gladiator is trying to score an exclusive interview with one of the contestants from Season One. We need your help to come up with the questions. So far we have:

Do you feel more entitled than "normal" people because of your experience on the greatest show in the whole world?
Do you miss it?
What does the arena smell like?
Who has bigger hands Hulk or Titan?

Submit away. And keep your fingers crossed!


Werd said...

Obviously -

"Why doesn't Crush ever talk" or "Did you get a chance to talk to Crush? Can she, in fact, speak?"

GrrlMonstrr said...

Obviously Gladiator Girls are the hottest. That being said, who do you think is hotter: Chyna or Xena Warrior princess?

Grillz said...

Do you continue to train like at any moment you could be called to Joust?

christiensister said...

I'm concerned about the mics in the new season now that people fall in the water; why aren't people being electrocuted? Also, do the hand-bikes need to be oiled?