Friday, March 21, 2008

Wolf and Dog ... related?

Everyone knows that Wolf can smell fear. And, also that he always goes for the jugular. Like a wolf. Dog the Bounty Hunter can smell fear, always goes for the jugular and takes heartworm medication. Like a dog. Some AG fans have speculated that Wolf and Dog are related. To quell any erroneous rumors, I turned to the Google.

There are many similarities between Wolf and Dog. They both have long, course hair for protection against wind, rain and snow. They both have a muscular build and broad heads with plenty of brain space.

But for all of the similarities the are just as many differences. One difference is that Wolf travels in a pack with the other Gladiators. It is totally obvious that Wolf is the Alpha-Male. And I would guess that Stealth is the Alpha-Female. If any of the Gladiators were to date, I am guessing that it would be these two because they represent the upper echelon of gladiators. Dog on the other hand is the more domestic of the two and lives at home with his wife. The biggest difference between Wolf and Dog is that Wolf rules really hard and Dog just makes people feel uncomfortable.

Since there are so many differences between the two, and since there is no genealogical evidence to prove they are related, I am going to guess this rumor is FALSE!


Kri said...

rah!!! this blog fucking rocks

Drew said...

My vote for alpha female goes to Hellga. For obvious reasons. (I'm being held captive in her carport!)